Panel mount LED indicators combine the latest in technology
with proven mechanical and optical expertise to provide a
wide range of products designed for the most demanding of
industrial and military applications.

Rugged LED panel indicator lamps with ingress protection up to
IP68 have successfully met the toughest applications. The
unique ‘modular’ design allows a wide range of colours and
options to be incorporated into the lamp, including EMI filter
shielding, night vision lighting and sunlight viewing capability.

  • Low profile, special and multisegment LED indicators, Special Neon indicators, Sunlight readable and Night Vision compatible indicators.
  • Panel mount: from 5mm up to 12,7mm, and custom made
  • Standard bulb LED replacement: BA9s; BA15; T1 ¾; T1,
  • Final applications: Commercial and industrial electronic, dashboards and control panels, construction and mining
  • industry, military and aviation sector, ……
    Full colour and voltage range
  • Variable optical options
  • Various view angles (30°, 60°, 80°, 100°, 130°)
  • Various materials and sealing options
  • IP ratings up to IP68
  • EMI filtration
  • Multi-voltage and bipolar indicators (AC or DC, from 5V up to 440V DC/AC)
  • Working temp. -40°C to 85°C (storage temp. -55°C do 100°C)
  • Terminals: Pins or Spills, Tags, Flying leads and Flying leads with connectors
  • PLANO-CONVEX – Rear surface of lens flat – ‘plano’ – diffused and front of
  • lens convex
  • FRESNEL – Flat or convex lens with a series of concentric rings (grooves)
  • cut into the rear surface of the lens
  • DOMED – This lens provides 130° omni-directional viewing characteristics
  • FLAT-CLEAR – Used in applications where the indicator lamp is to be viewed
  • under low ambient light conditions
  • DIFFUSED – Light projected on to the rear diffused surface of the lens
  • is scattered, improving the viewing angle and increasing the area of the
  • viewed light source
  • EMI SHIELD – A special electrostatic screen is connected both electrically
  • and mechanically between the light source and the lens
  • SLR – A filter with light attenuating properties that is used to increase the
  • ‘ON/OFF’ contrast ratio of the indicator lamp, therefore achieving greater
  • sunlight readability
  • ARC – An interference coating applied to a flat surface of a filter or lens
  • which reduces the reflectance of that surface over the visible spectrum,
  • further enhancing the sunlight readability of the indicator lamp


NVG (Night Vision Goggles) compatible
IP66 a IP68